Saturday, 3 October 2009

The "Grand Inquisitor" on YouTube

Tom Sackville, the new president of FECRIS once again making outrageous statements at the OSCE. He is slandering religious minority groups and calling on the OSCE to shut them out of their human rights conferences. The moderator (once again - like before in Vienna) corrected him for not being aligned with OSCE policy on minorities.


  1. Martin Manchester7 October 2009 at 16:02

    That guy is messing up Moonies with Scientologists and Raelians.
    The word "Moonie" is the politically incorrect term for Unificationist. He forgot to mention that 1000s of Unificationists have been kidnapped, raped and tortures by professional deprogrammers in recent years in Japan, Russia and other countries.
    Is Tom suggesting equal rights for just a few?? Who decides what's a cult and what's a religion? Get your definitions straight, sir!

  2. Speaking of cults, Tom Sackville is an Eton and Oxford educated aristocrat and former Home Office Minister under Major's Tory government.